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If you are looking for a QTS maths tutor to help you prepare for the QTS numeracy test, then you have come to the right place. At Deptford Tutors, we offer online maths tuition to help you prepare for the QTS maths numeracy skills test. We understand that maths can be nerve-wracking (especially if you haven’t done any maths in a long time), so we offer programmes that cater to your specific online maths tuition needs. We also offer face-to-face maths tuition if that is something you would prefer. Fill out the contact form or contact us on 02071297312 or 07933038501 if you need a QTS maths tutor to help you prepare for your QTS numeracy test.

Our QTS mathematics tuition prepares students for their QTS numeracy skills test. With more than four years of experience in tutoring, our experts know how to overcome challenges faced by most students on QTS numerical tests. Our lessons are strategically planned to suit everyone’s needs. Furthermore, these lessons are affordable and accessible to all no matter where you are. We give you enough time to review every question and understand what you are doing wrong. We also offer excellent revisions and realistic targets, to cover all areas of weakness in every session.

“I Need A QTS Maths Tutor To Help Me With My QTS Numeracy Skills Test”

Furthermore, our tutors are fully qualified and have been through the entire process of handling QTS numeracy tests and are familiar with many concerns most of our students have when undertaking our lessons. Besides, if you are in London, we can offer you lessons on a face-to-face basis, and for those living outside London, we provide online tutoring services. We provide you with a good number of practice tests to help you through the whole process. We also have solutions to numeracy skills questions to ensure our clients have a smooth learning experience even to the challenging topics. Furthermore, our comprehensive solutions to our revision tests enable our clients to be conversant in the formulas used to solve different queries.

Moreover, our online service dashboard has a simple and personalised interface that makes tutoring efficient for everyone, that is, tutors and our clients. If you feel that you need to improve your speed in the mental numerical part of the test and revisit some areas in the general arithmetic as well as statistics, our services will prove very useful to you. Some of our tutors have taught statistics and mathematics in schools as well as in adult education.

An Experienced and Patient Tutor

Our QTS Maths Tutor is friendly, patient and has over 4 years of experience in tutoring trainee teachers who are preparing for the QTS Numeracy Skills Test.

All of our lessons are planned well – as you would expect from a QTS maths tutor. We have made sure that our lessons are affordable and accessible because we know that some students may only need 1 – 2 lessons, whereas other students may needs up to 10 lessons.

Our QTS Maths Tutor is a fully qualified teacher who has also been through the process of taking the QTS Numeracy Skills Test, so we are familiar with many of the concerns that our clients have when they come to us for maths tuition.

We are able to offer Lessons within London on a face-to-face basis, and we also offer maths tuition online for trainee teachers who live outside of London.

Our Tutors have a Sound Grasp of Numeracy Skills

Our experienced tutors make it invaluable for passing skills test and make maths less intimidating. This is because it clearly and concisely explains each component of the test so that you can know what to expect. We also take you through the key skills and knowledge needed for each section. Furthermore, our example questions will help you identify areas to improve on, and the numerous practices help in building your confidence.

Before hiring our tutors, we make sure they have a sound grasp of numeracy skills like interpreting statistics and mental arithmetic and how to apply them in practice. So you can expect to have an experienced tutor to take you through the entire process. Our tutors will help you fully comprehend the structure and format of the numeracy skills test, familiarize yourself with the knowledge and skills to be tested, and know what to expect on the day of the test.

Our QTS Numeracy skills begin at a low level to give the reader a fantastic grounding in the skills needed to pass the test especially for the students who are weak in maths or those who have not revised for years. You will be provided with easy to follow explanations and practice questions and papers.

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