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"Online 11 Plus Tutor"

We specialise in preparing students for their 11 plus exam. Our 11 plus tutors are able to teach verbal and non-verbal reasoning, as well as maths and English (the part that a lot of students struggle with). If you require online 11 plus tuition, then please fill out the contact form or contact us on 02071297312 or 07933038501. Parents are very pleased and our reviews speak for themselves.

"Online Maths Tutor"

If you are looking for an online GCSE maths or science tutor then look no further. Our highly skilled GCSE maths tutors can raise your child’s attainment levels in maths. Take a look at our reviews for our maths tuition. Maybe you have a child who is preparing for the SATS at primary and you want them to be taught by one of our maths tutors. Contact us today by clicking the button below.

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"Tuition centre near me"

We often get parents saying, “I’ve finally found a tuition centre near me,” because we know that parents live busy lives, and trying to ferry children across London can be time consuming and tiring. You can find us at the Deptford Lounge in Lewisham; our tuition centre is near Greenwich, New Cross, Surry Quays, Tower Hamlets and Woolwich.

Here is What We Specialise in:

11 Plus Tuition (Verbal Reasoning & Non-Verbal Reasoning)

Maths Tuition (KS1, KS2. KS3, GCSE, A-Level)

English Language & Literature Tuition (KS1, KS2. KS3, GCSE, A-Level) Creative Writing Skills (Essay Writing Skills); Grammar and Punctuation

Science Tuition (KS1, KS2. KS3, GCSE, A-Level) Biology, Chemistry and Physics

Helping Students with their School Homework

Nurturing and Developing Children’s Academic Abilities

Deptford Tutors raises student's confidence
Parent's review of Deptford Tutors

"I need a tuition centre near me with Good Teachers?"

Parents have told us that, “I need a tuition centre near me with Good Teachers?” and, “I need a local maths tutor in my area?” At Deptford Tutors, our maths tutors always make sure that at every step of the way, learning is underpinned by understanding. Therefore, students are less likely to leave our lessons feeling as if they cannot complete their homework. We know that students who find maths really difficult, are likely to become frustrated with their GCSE mathematics tutor if they cannot explain key concepts in a way for the student to understand. We want our student’s confidence in mathematics to increase, so our tutors make it their duty to plan and delivery outstanding lessons all of the time. Our quality maths tutoring, and 11 plus tuition are second to none!

How to Find Us

We are a local tuition centre close to New Cross and Greenwich; we are also near to Bexley. You can also take the DLR to Deptford Bridge, and then walk for 5 minutes to our location, our take the train to Deptford Station. Buses 47, 53, 177, 188, 199, 225 and 453 all stop nearby. New Cross Road (A2), Creek Road (A200) Deptford Church Street (A2209) are the nearest main roads to us. Our centre is an easy commute from areas such as East Dulwich, Brixton, Camberwell, Kennington, Wapping, West Norwood, Croydon and Bromley. Our exact Address: Deptford Tutors Tuition Centre, Deptford Lounge 9 Giffin Street, Deptford, London, SE8 4RJ. We also have a Social Media Page which can be reached by clicking HERE. Contact Us Today!

Phone: 02071297312 or 07933038501

Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday 9am – 9pm

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London | New Cross | Greenwich | Lewisham

GCSE Maths Tuition & GCSE Science Tuition

Our GCSE maths tuition is delivered in line with the National Curriculum, so that students can build on the topics that they are covering in their school. We understand that some students really struggle with mathematics, and sometimes their parents feel that they cannot support them with their homework. This is why we hire qualified maths teachers to teach our student’s at our tuition centre, because they have completed the necessary qualifications which sets them apart from your average tutor. This brings comfort to our parents because they know that their child is being taught properly, and also helps to bridge the gap between the school and home-learning for the child.

Our science tutors can teach chemistry, biology and physics up to GCSE level, so we are able to assist your child whether they are taking double award science or triple award science – our dedicated science tutor has deep understanding of the science curriculum.

We offer maths tuition and science tuition to students from age 6 up to 16 years old. Don’t leave it too late, contact us today!

11 Plus Tutors

If you are in need of a war-horse 11 plus tutor, then you are in the right place. We have experienced and qualified tutors who provide 11 plus tuition for students preparing for the eleven plus examination. The 11 plus examinations take place when a student is in year 6. During this period, we teach children all about non-verbal reasoning and verbal reasoning questions and how to answer them. Our maths and English lessons will be moving ahead with the introduction to new techniques such as the multiplying fractions, and literacy skills such as PEA (point evidence analysis). We believe that going through questions is one of the key elements to passing the 11 plus examination.

Learning with Understanding

Your 11+ tutor will allow you to focus on one particular question and ensure you undertake some in-depth practise till you are sure of it. This is particularly helpful when a new question is introduced, or in cases of weakness in a specific area, or if a knowledge gap emerges. Our 11 plus tutors are very helpful and can assist parents with little or no time to help their children with their homework. Sometimes, the motivation and stimulation of a third party can produce better results, because we have found that most children work to deliver exceptional results to their tutors, but resist doing the same if tutored by their parents.

Our unique English and GCSE Maths strategy

The key to achieving a successful academic career is a strong foundation in English skills and maths. Our English and maths curriculum is entirely adaptable letting us create a unique programme which meets your child’s needs. We also make use of technology to ensure your child makes the most of our tutoring session. We ensure that the material used is right for your child, the feedback is immediate, and the material is entirely individualized. Our tutors offer a one-to-one focus on each child and ensure the curriculum is targeted in a warm, friendly environment. All of our prepare lessons which are fun and engaging so that your child can move to the next level.

Our lessons take place at our centre and last for 2 hours. Besides, we also offer online group lessons which act as a forum where children are provided with a platform where they can ask challenging questions to the forum members and 11+ tutors. Our tutors make sure that your child’s confidence, understanding, and organization skills improve over time. These are the most important aspects towards passing the 11 plus examination.

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