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About Deptford Tutors Tuition Centre

If you have just search for, “a tuition centre near me”, then you have come to the right place. Our past students have been offered places local grammar schools in South London, and we are so proud of the fact that they worked really hard. We take students who are really struggling with maths, and whose confidence is at an all-time low, and turn them in to students who believe in their abilities and who become high achiever

One of our tutors also has experience of working with students who have autism – so he is able to plan excellent lessons that are differentiated.

Our school experience doesn’t just end their either. Our strategies for behaviour management are second to none, because we understand that students need to be focused on learning if they are going to succeed.

Parents are happy with the results that we have been producing, and we always try to our best to guide parents when we set homework for their children. We do this by providing support with supplementary answers to homework question, so that parents feel confident in helping their children with their studies, and so that learning is continues in between sessions at our tuition centre.

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 Deptford tutors is ofsted registered DBS

Your Local Tuition Centre For 11 Plus & Maths Tutoring

Deptford Tutors Tuition Centre only employs fully qualified teachers who have a wealth of experience in primary and secondary schools. At Deptford Tutors, parents regard us as their go-to local Tuition Centre in London – please take the time to look at our 5 star rating on Google. If you are wondering if you can, “find a tuition centre near me”, then look no further as we really near to Central London, New Cross Gate, Woolwich and Bexley. We are also local to Bermondsey, Rotherhithe, Canary Wharf and Catford; and very close to Greenwich. Our nearest transport link is the Deptford train station (10 minutes to Central London). Our local DLR station is Deptford Bridge DLR Station which is approximately 5 minutes from us. New Cross train station is only a 6 minute walk from our tuition centre, making us even easier to reach.

We also offer 11 Plus Tuition, Maths Tuition, Online Maths Tuition, Online Science Tuition and English Tuition. Also, please view our GCSE Maths Blog that was can be used as a GCSE or 11 Plus forum to help students with their maths. If you wish to return to the homepage at any time by clicking here.


We Cover Lewisham, New Cross, Greenwich and Greater London

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