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Physics + Chemistry + Biology Online Tuition

Due to COVID-19,Our Lessons Are Taught Online

Is your child struggling with chemistry?

Does your child find the mathematics in physics quite challenging?

Are you concerned about your child’s ability in science?

If you have answered YES to any of the 3 questions above, then we can help. At Deptford Tutors, our dedicated science tutors work closely with our students; teaching them the key concepts that undergird the different topics within the three sciences. Whether your child is taking their GCSE science exam (be it triple or single award); or if they are still in primary school and have a keen interest in the subject, then Deptford Tuors can certainly help. Not only will pupils be getting extra support in all three areas of their science tuition, but they will also be meeting other like-minded pupils who are hungry to learn.

Maths grade 6, english grade 7, science grade 6 GCSE grades improved at deptford Tutors

How Your Child Can Benefit From Our Science Tuition

Students are tested regularly to make sure that they are retaining the concepts that they’ve been taught. Once your child begins to grasps more concepts in science, this will help to build their confidence and allow them to explore other areas of the curriculum. If your child is in primary school, we can give them a head-start by preparing them for secondary school with our primary science curriculum. We have students who are still in primary school that have started working on KS3 (secondary school) science topics.

If you want your child to continue to excel in science, but are worried that they aren’t being stretched enough at school, then please get in contact with us today by filling out the contact form, or by calling us on 02071297312 / 07933038501. Deptford Tutors Tuition Centre is only 10 minutes from Central London.

Deptford Tutors Tuition Centre is located inside the Deptford Lounge in Lewisham, London

We are only a few minutes from the Deptford Bridge DLR in Lewisham, and if you are travelling by car, take the A2 to New Cross Road and then follow signs to the Deptford Lounge. Lesson are 2 hours long, and parents can claim Working Tax Credits or Childcare Vouchers to cover the cost of the child’s science tuition.

 Deptford tutors is ofsted registered DBS

Deptford Tutors is based in Lewisham, London

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