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Looking for maths tuition? Our maths tuition is taught by qualified maths teachers (this is what sets us apart from other maths tuition centres). Maths tuition at Deptford Tutors address helps to address the gaps in student’s knowledge by asking the RIGHT questions during the initial assessment stage. GCSE maths tuition is on offer, and we also offer Primary maths tuition as well for younger students from age 6 years and upwards. Our maths tutoring classes getting good reviews online, why not become one of them and sign up today!

Whether your child is in primary or secondary school, they will have to take maths as it is a core subject during their school life. Maths tutoring at Deptford Tutors Tuition Centre doesn’t just focus on result. We focus on the core skills that children need to master, such as Learning times tables properly – it still amazes us how many students who come to us in year 10 that don’t know their 7 times tables;  Times tables are fundamental rules that feed in to so many different areas of mathematics, so we put a lot of emphasis in to making sure that all of our student’s master this concept.

Another focus is algebra; we build student’s understanding of algebra by teaching them how the correct application of multiplication, division, addition and subtraction can be used to answer questions that are algebra based. If you need a qualified maths tutor because your child needs helps with maths homework, whether it is in GCSE maths or KS2 or KS3, then please don’t hesitate to contact us today. We are local maths tutors and WE LOVE IT!

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Our Maths Tuition Centre is local to Lewisham, New Cross, Bexley, and Greenwich

At Deptford Tutors Tuition Centre, we understand that children find maths quite challenging at times, and sometimes their parents may not feel very confident enough to help them with their school homework. We are aware of these issues – don’t worry, it is not your fault. This because, at Deptford Tutors Tuition Centre, our maths tutors break down mathematical concepts, making it easy for children to digest. Our maths tutors set homework that is challenging enough for them, while giving them a personal boost their confidence as they progress on to more demanding maths topics. Our student’s enjoy coming to our maths tuition lessons – take a look at our reviews.

In 2015, there was huge shake-up of GCSE and A-Level subjects. The government felt that the GCSE mathematics was too easy, and thus, sort to incorporate more challenging maths topics in to the Edexcel and AQA exam boards. As you can understand, these changes were rushed through, and many schools have simply been guessing their way through the GCSE maths qualification. Joining our maths sessions at Deptford Tutors Tuition will help to prepare your child for the new maths topics that their school now have to teach. Not only will this help to improve their confidence in the subject, they will also be one step ahead of the other students in their class – which lead to higher grades in the long run.

Deptford Tutors Tuition Centre’s location is in Lewisham near Greenwich, London; we are a local tuition centre with local maths and English tutors. We offer 11 Plus Tuition, English Tuition and Online Maths Tuition; also we have a GCSE Maths Blog to help students who are struggling with maths topics. Click here to visit our Homepage.

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