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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions at Deptford Tutors Tuition Centre:

What measures are in place to protect my child from COVID-19?
Lesson are currently being taught online and we will continue to practise social distancing when we are at the Deptford Lounge.

What online tuition classes do you offer?
We offer the following online classes:

Maths (Primary, Secondary and A-Level)

English (Primary, Secondary and A-Level)

Science (Primary, Secondary and A-Level)

11 Plus tuition

Do you use computers like other tuition centres?
No, we do not use computers like other tuition centres. Exams that are sat in schools across England are usually paper-based test (unless the student has been given specific access arrangements from his or her school’s SENCO).

Where are you based?
We are based in Deptford, our full address is Deptford Tutors Tuition Centre, Deptford Lounge, 9 Giffin Street, Deptford, Lewisham, London, SE8 4RJ. Our phone number is 07933038501 and 020 7129 7312. Please click this here to view us on the map.

My child doesn’t feel that they are very good at English and maths, how can Deptford Tutors Tuition Centre help my child to feel more confident?
We believe that every child matters and that every child has a right to a good education – no matter what their starting point. We work with parents and their children to foster a nurturing learning environment where everyone respects each other, so that all of our student’s feel comfortable. Initially, we will assess them to find out where their weaknesses are. Quite often, a student who may struggle with maths doesn’t feel confident in their own abilities. Therefore, when they attend our tuition centre, we prepare work that challenges them, while offering supportive guidance on areas of improvement – for example, mastering times tables.

How do I enrol my child?
You can enrol your child by contacting us on 07933038501 and 020 7129 7312, or by clicking here to fill out the contact form below. Once you have filled out your details on the contact form and clicked ‘Submit’, then someone will contact you ASAP.



We Are Based in Deptford, Lewisham near Greenwich

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What age range do you take?
We take students from ages 6 up to 18

How do you deal with behaviour management?
At Deptford Tutors Tuition Centre, we have high expectations for all of our students – Likewise, we expect our student’s to have high expectations for themselves

What days are you open?
We are open on Thursday from 5:30pm and Saturday from 10:30am

Do you set homework?
Yes, we always set homework as it is an integral part of a child’s learning

How will you track my child’s progress?
We regularly test our student’s when they have completed a topic so that we can assess whether they have a full understanding of the subject matter – testing applies whether you are working towards SATS, 11 Plus or GCSE’s

Do you teach 11 Plus verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning?
Yes, we teach both verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning on our 11 Plus syllabus to students who are working towards their 11 Plus examination.

Do you hire qualified teachers?
Yes, all of our teachers are fully qualified

How many students are in your classes?
Our class sizes are small, and we usually have 4-5 students in one group. These groups are streamlined according to ability.

How much does it cost?
Our pricing table is displayed below:

 Deptford tutors is ofsted registered DBS

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