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At Deptford Tutors, parents come to us with 1 major concern, which is that their child is falling being in English. They say that their child finds it difficult to spell words properly, is unable to punctuate a sentence correctly and generally lacks confidence in reading. We have a track record of raising children’s grammar and literacy standards – which is even more important with all of the new changes to the GCSE’s exam. Call us today and we can discuss your child’s tutoring needs.

Another topic that we focus on at Deptford Tutors Tuition Centre is, Reading for Meaning, where students learn how to explain a written text that they’ve just read. This is such an important skill for children to develop early on, as it helps them to access the National Curriculum a lot easier – making it easier to grasps different topics across a wide range of subjects.

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My Child doesn’t enjoy reading, and struggles with English

If a child is really struggling with reading, writing, spelling and grammar then they will find that school will become increasing more difficult as they move up in to higher year groups. A lot of the time, students become bored with their lessons at school because they may already feel that they aren’t bright enough. From our experience, a lot of the time, the student’s reading and comprehension skills aren’t at the level that they want them to be, and hence, they become disengaged. At Deptford Tutors Tuition Centre, we work on building up our student’s confidence so that they can start believing in their abilities. Once we’ve changed their mind-set from, “I can’t”, to, “I can”, then we have won half of the battle!

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Deptford Tutors is based in Lewisham near Greenwich, London. We offer Online Maths Tuition, Maths Tuition and 11 Plus Tuition. We also have a GCSE Maths Blog to help students who are struggling with maths topics. You can return to our Homepage by clicking here.

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