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If you need an online 11 plus tutor to prepare your son or daughter for their 11 plus exam, then you have come to the right place; our Google reviews speak for themselves. When you child joins Deptford Tutors, the 11 plus tutor will assess to see what areas they need to improve on, and provide a realistic action plan for parents. Please fill out the contact form or contact us on 02071297312 or 07933038501 if you need an 11 plus tutor to help your child prepare for their 11 plus exam.

Do you need an 11 Plus Tutor? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. We offer Eleven Plus Tuition for students who are preparing for the eleven plus examination. This exam usually takes place when students enter year 6 at primary school. We are well resourced so that we are able to offer Verbal Reasoning, Non-verbal Reasoning, English & Maths Tutoring for the 11 Plus exams. A lot of students come to us without any knowledge of non verbal reasoning, so we have created a plan to help our new students grasp and master these concepts. Our teachers are EXPERIENCED QUALIFIED TEACHERS who understand how to deliver 11 Plus Tuition. The eleven plus tutor prepares lessons that are engaging, fun and rigorous enough in order to move your child on to the next level! Lessons take place at our tuition centre and last for 2 hours.

We offer tuition to students in Lewisham, Greenwich and surrounding areas within London

We also offer online intensive group lessons which acts as an 11 Plus Forum, where students can ask questions about anything that they might be struggling with. Being able to go to a grammar school is privilege; but competition for places is fierce as they are heavily oversubscribed. So give your child the head start that they need in life by signing them up for our Eleven Plus tuition. Deptford Tutors Tuition Centre is based in Lewisham, London. We offer Maths Tuition, Online Maths Tuition and 11 Plus Tuition, . We also have a GCSE Maths Blog to help students who are struggling with maths topics. You can return to our Homepage by clicking here.

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